Our Tutoring Services

Today in a technology led world, it doesn’t make sense if the teaching and instructional methodologies are outdated. Everything nowadays is happening in the cyberspace and online media. Keeping in pace with the changing times and in view of the present needs and requirements of the IB students, IB Global Education has also been imparting Online Tuitions to the IBO students for quite some time. Our online students belong from almost all the countries where there is an IBO school and they include the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina,  UK, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya and India.


One of our core strengths and speciality is in providing quality online tutors and we can say with pride that we are the leading online tutor providers for the IBO students at the global level. This is because we use specilaised and advanced techniques for imparting online tuitions to the IB students. We conduct online tuitions for IBO students via Skype, WizIQ and other learning platforms. For example an IBO student from the USA can take online Physics classes through IB Global Educations’ Physics teacher via Skype or WizIQ or even by  . Our online chemistry tuitions, online physics tuitions and online maths tuitions are highly reputed among the IB students as our online IB tutors, especially our IB physics tutors, IB chemistry tutors and IB math tutors are the best out of the best.


Our online IB tuitions are very flexible and innovative and any IB student can take our online classes at any time – any place. We have a very competitive pricing slab and our rates are one of the lowest in the market. The best part of our online tuition is that you can take the first class as a free demo class and if you are not satisfied, we can provide you with another IB tutor for taking another demo class. It is our endeavour that you receive the best tuition for your IB subjects.


We provide IB online tutors for almost all the six subjects of the IBO diploma program like:


  • IB online tutors for Group 1 subjects : IB Online tuitions for Language and Literature subjects (English Language and Literature)
  • IB Online tutors for Group 2 subjects : IB Online tuitions for Language Acquisition (Language B and Language ab initio)
  • IB Online tutors for Group 3 subjects: IB Online tuitions for Individuals and Societies subjects (IB Online tuitions for IB Business Management, IB Online tuitions for IB Economics, IB Online tuitions for IB Geography IB Online tuitions for IB History, IB Online tuitions for IB Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), IB Online tuitions for IB Philosophy, IB Online tuitions for IB Psychology, IB Online tuitions for IB Social and Cultural Group, IB Online tuitions for IB Anthropology and IB Online tuitions for World Religions)
  • IB Online tutors for Group 4 subjects: IB Online tuitions for the Sciences (IB Online tuitions for IB Biology, IB Online tuitions for IB Chemistry, IB Online tuitions for IB Physics, IB Online tuitions for IB Computer Science, IB Online tuitions for IB Design Technology, IB Online tuitions for IB Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences)
  • IB Online tutors for Group 5 subjects: IB Online tuitions for IB Mathematics and computer sciences.


Our core strength and expertise lies in the main & popular subjects of the IBO such as IB English online tuitions, IB Mathematics online tuitions, IB Physics online tuitions, IB Chemistry online tuitions, IB Biology online tuitions, IB Computer Science online tuitions, IB Economics online tuitions and IB Business & Management online tuitions. This is due to the fact that we have a good number of experienced, dedicated and well qualified online tutors in these core subjects.


In addition to the above six core group subjects, we also provide specialist online tutors for online tuition in IB Environmental Systems & Societies.


Please contact us by email or call us if you have any query, clarification or anything about our IB online tuition service. Our counsellor will fix and appointment with a qualified IB online tutor for you in the shortest time for a free demo class.