This programme is offered by IB World Schools and is open to all students who are between 16 to 19 years of age. The Diploma Programme consists of six subject groups including the Diploma Core which is the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Action and Service and the Extended Essay. We cover the entire six core group subjects of the IB Diploma programme which includes:

Group 1: Language and Literature (comprising Language A: Literature; Language A: Language and Literature; Literature and Performance)

Group 2: Language Acquisition (comprising Language B and Language ab initio)

Group 3: Individuals and Societies (comprising Business Management, Economics, Geography, History, Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), Philosophy, Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology and World Religions)

Group 4: Sciences (comprising Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Design Technology, Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences)

Group 5: Mathematics

Group 6: The Arts (comprising Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, Visual Arts)


In addition to the above six core group subjects, we also specialise in the additional interdisciplinary subjects such as Environmental Systems & Societies and Literature and performance which are offered by the IBO at the Diploma level (both SL and HL).

IB Global Education has been offering tuition services to the students of the IB Diploma Year Programme in all the six subject groups with customised training solutions for the students. We say ‘customised’ because no two students are alike and each student has its own needs and requirements. Some students are naturally inquisitive while some are shy are introvert. Some take initiative on their own while some had to be pushed for achieving something. We at IB Global Education understand the diverse minds of the young students of the Diploma Programme and this is why we impart specialised and customised education for these students which is exclusive only to us. For example when a Diploma Programme student enrols with us for tuitions, we provide him or her multi concept questions as assignments so that the student can easily solve the questions in the actual exams. Another unique feature of IB Global Education is that we conduct bi-monthly meeting with the student’s parents so that they are aware of the progress made by their wards.

Due to our unique, innovative and exclusive teaching methodologies, a large number of Diploma Programme students enrolled in the IB schools in Delhi/NCR have been benefitted and they have also been able to get admission in a number of prestigious colleges and universities in US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. This is only because they have been able to use the full benefits of our unique teaching methodologies and techniques that have been imparted to them. We provide home tuition, group tuitions and online tuitions for the IB Diploma Programme students and we would like you to visit our centres in Gurgaon to get a feel of our quality and infrastructure. In case you are unable to come, then please give a call at : 
or mail us at : and we will send a representative of IB Global Education at your home for providing all the details of our tuition services for the Diploma Programme.