Group Tuition

IB Global Education specialises in all forms of tuition services such as Group Tuition, Home Tuition and Online Tuitions. We always strive to provide the best tuition and coaching services top our IBO Students. We select only those teachers who have the experience, qualifications and aptitude in teaching only IBO curriculum. All our teachers are having several years of experience exclusively in teaching the IBO students. IB Global Education provides qualified and experienced teachers for all the six subject groups, namely:

IB tutors for Group 1 subjects : Group tuitions for Language and Literature subjects

  • IB tutors for Group 2 subjects : Group tuitions for Language Acquisition (Language B and Language ab initio)
  • IB tutors for Group 3 subjects: Group tuitions for Individuals and Societies subjects (Group tuition for IB Business Management, Group tuition for IB Economics, Group tuition for IB Geography, Group tuition for IB History, Group tuition for IB Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), Group tuition for IB Philosophy, Group tuition for IB Psychology, Group tuition for IB Social and Cultural Group tuition for IB Anthropology and World Religions)
  • IB tutors for Group 4 subjects: Group tuitions for the Sciences (Group tuition for IB Biology, Group tuition for IB Chemistry, Group tuition for IB Physics, Group tuition for IB Computer Science, Group tuition for IB Design Technology, Group tuition for IB Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences)
  • IB tutors for Group 5 subjects : Group tuitions for IB Mathematics
  • IB tutors for Group 6 subjects : Group tuitions for IB Arts (Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, Visual Arts)

Our core expertise is mainly in IB English, IB Mathematics, IB Physics, IB Chemistry, IB Biology, IB Computer Science, IB Economics and IB Business & Management as we have got experienced, dedicated and well qualified faculty in these core subjects. 

In addition to the above six core group subjects, we also provide specialist IB tutors for group tuition in the additional interdisciplinary subject - IB Environmental Systems & Societies and Literature and performance which is offered by the IBO at the Diploma level (both SL and HL).

IB Global Education’s Group Tuition pedagogy and methodology is very unique and innovative. We provide group tuitions to students at our state of the art centres. Group tuition comprises of a batch of two to five students at most per batch. We don’t take more than five students per batch as it dilutes the quality of teaching. Group tuition can also be provided as one to one tuition in only one student is admitted to a batch for exclusive one to one coaching. 

Our Group tuition methodology is different from others as we have an innovative system of providing group tuitions to our IB students. The Group tuitions are held at our two centres in Gurgaon. One of the centres is at Golf Course Road, Gurgaon and the other one is at Sohna Road (South City 2) in Gurgaon. 

Once a group is formed for a particular subject, we assign a mentor and a dedicated faculty for that group. The tutoring session in divided into 3 parts: 

1. First 15 Minutes – In the first fifteen minutes the previous lesson or topic is discussed with the students so that a quick recap could be made of things studies in last class. This aids in the quick recall of matters/topics covered in the last/previous class and prepares the students for the current class. 

2. The next 30 Minutes – In the next thirty minutes a new topic/matter is taught and discussed in details with the students. In these 30 minutes the new topic is discussed with the students in a very interactive way.

3. 15 Minute – In the final fifteen minutes of the class, we discuss the taught matter with the student for assessing the knowledge imbibed by the students. Our teaching system is highly interactive as it comprises of quizzes, debates, question and answer sessions to keep the group engaged and motivated till the last minute. In the last fifteen minutes the students are asked what they have learnt and they are also encouraged to clear their queries and doubts that might have been left unanswered in the previous 30 minute session. In the end, students are given small assignments to be completed either at the centre or at their homes so that they can remember what they have learnt in the class. 

Some of the unique and exclusive key features of our Group Tuition methodology includes: 

  • Specialized IB Trained Teachers.
  • Unique and innovative method of teaching which has been developed by us in-house so as to improve the grade of students.
  • Regular Assignment and assessment of taught subjects.
  • The progress of the students is tracked and continuously monitored by us in each class using our unique tracker.
  • Frequent meeting of our teachers and academic advisor with the parents for providing feedback and update on the students progress.
  • All the assignments are provided on a topic wise system.
  • We provide full length Question Bank of every major subject in the IB Diploma Programme to the students for extra practice.
  • Provision of providing door step services to those students who are unable to come to our Centre due to lack of time, etc. 

However as the old adage goes true, “A picture is worth a thousand words”; we too believe in practical things and would encourage the IB students to take a free demo class at any of our two centres in Gurgaon to get a real experience of our Group Tuition services.